What are dental crowns?

A dental crown can be described as a tooth-shaped cap made of either porcelain (tooth colored), metal, or a combination of both. It is primarily used to cover the tooth to restore its shape, size, strength and improve its overall appearance. When dental crowns are cemented or bonded into place, they fully enclose the entire visible part of a tooth and stay in place.

The primary reason why dental crowns are placed by a dentist is to restore the tooth to its normal shape, size and function. When this crown is placed correctly by experts such as Dr. Shalini Nair, it can make the tooth stronger and improve its appearance, thus giving you confidence whenever you chew and smile.

At Lawrenceville Healthy Smiles we believe your teeth deserve an excellent level of care and our services are geared towards solving that need in Lawrenceville GA and beyond at an affordable price.

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Why Do I Need a Crown?

Dr. Shalini Nair provides dental care services for patients in Lawrenceville GA and advises a dental crown for one of the following reasons:

  • The presence of a cavity that is too large for a filling.
  • Presence of a cracked tooth which is weakened or worn down, and at risk for fracture.
  • Root canal treated teeth need crowns in order to preserve the tooth, otherwise they will get contaminated and/or fracture.
  • The presence of discoloration or possessing a poorly shaped tooth which has affected your smile.

What is the crown made of?

  • Dental crowns are produced from different type of materials ranging from the following items:
  • – Ceramics- this comprises 90% of the crowns done at our practice here in Lawrenceville Healthy Smiles.
  • – Porcelain fused to metal
  • – Metal alloys or composite resins.

Our dental crowns are fabricated in the USA, at a premier laboratory that utilizes certified technicians who ensure to fabricate your dental crown with the precision and care. Dr. Nair makes sure to use completely vetted dental laboratories so that the quality holds up to her standards.

The material used is colored to blend in with the natural teeth. When you visit us at Lawrenceville Healthy SmilesDr. Shalini Nair will make sure your crown looks natural, fits and is comfortable in your mouth.

After your visit, Dr. Shalini Nair will determine which material to use for your crown, by considering the following:

  • Location of the tooth and function
  • The exact position of the gum tissue
  • Your preference
  • The total number of the tooth revealed when you smile
  • The color or shade of the tooth

How to Place A Crown

After your consultation with Dr. Shalini Nair, it takes just two dental visits to complete all procedures for your treatment. After placing the crown over your natural tooth, the following steps will be required.

  1. The tooth is prepared by separating the outer portions so that the crown will fit perfectly. All forms of decay are usually removed, and the dentist may build up the core of the tooth if needed.
  2. An impression is made to create the exact model for the crown. This impression is usually made from a mold or by digitally scanning the tooth.
  3. There are cases when a temporary crown is made available if the permanent crown is not yet ready. This usually takes less than two weeks. Temporary crowns may be sensitive to hot and cold; hence it is advised you avoid eating sticky, hard, crunchy foods or chewing gum during this time.
  4. When the permanent crown is ready, it is placed in your mouth, and the necessary adjustments are made.

Caring for your teeth after receiving a dental crown

  • Keep the teeth clean by brushing and flossing twice a day.
  • Use dental care products prescribed by your dentist.
  • Avoid eating hard substances like ice, almonds, etc if you have tooth-colored crowns.
  • Always see your dentist for regular examination and professional cleaning.


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