DENTAL FILLINGSWhat are dental fillings?

A dental filling is an alternative way of restoring a decayed or damaged tooth to its original shape and function. Before a dentist can give you a filling, he or she is expected to remove the decayed tooth material, clean the affected area and fill it with a filling material. This filling does not just take care of your damaged or decayed tooth but also close-up places which may serve as a potential breeding site for bacteria.

A visit to Dr. Shalini Nair in Lawrenceville, GA will not just take care of your dental fillings but will also provide you with the needed knowledge on how to keep your teeth in good shape. His accumulated level of experience in dentistry makes him the best.

Types of filling

At Lawrenceville Healthy Smile, we provide the following types of fillings;

  • Amalgam (silver) fillings
  • Composite (plastic) resins
  • Gold Fillings
  • Porcelain Fillings

PLEASE NOTE: No kind of filing is superior over the other. Dr. Shalini Nair usually interacts with our clients to determine the type of filling best their condition. In most cases, this choice is affected by the extent of the repair needed, presence or occurrence of allergies, location and function of the tooth, the overall cost of the procedure. Lawrenceville Healthy Smile offers one of the best rates you can ever find in Lawrenceville GA.

Materials used for filling

  • A composite resin (tooth-colored fillings)
  • An amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin and sometimes zinc).
  • Gold
  • Porcelain

How Do I Know if I Need a Filling?

You will need to visit a dentist to know if you need dental feeling. While on your visit, the dentist will determine if you have a cavity in any of the teeth that requires filling. No need to fear, the checkup is carried out with a small mirror and it is fast. There are cases when your dentist may carry out an X-ray of the entire mouth or a section of it. Once the problem is identified, the dentist moves ahead to prescribe the best dental filling material for the job. The choice is usually influenced by the level of tooth decay, the type, location and function of the tooth.

Caring for your teeth undergoing a dental filling

  • Keep the teeth clean by brushing twice a day
  • Use dental care products prescribed by your dentist.
  • Avoid eating hard substances like ice if you have tooth-colored crowns.
  • Always see your dentist for regular examination and professional cleaning.
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