Common Questions and Answers

My temporary crown has come off. What do I do?

Most temporaries remain unbroken even if they come loose from the tooth.  First, if you can, rinse any food off the tooth and the temporary crown.  You can often place it back on the tooth with a little experimentation of which way it fits.  If it is going to be a while before we can get together to replace it for you, you can use denture adhesive (Fixodent/Dentucream, etc.) to hold it in place; usually only a very small amount is necessary, placed inside the temporary crown.  Place the crown back on the tooth and slowly push it into position.  Then, carefully and gently, bite down to test the fit. Give us a call if you experience any pain should this happen or at your earliest convenience. 

My tooth is sensitive to temperature. Do I need a filling?

There are several reasons for tooth sensitivity.  This can be easy or difficult to fix.  Come in and let us evaluate it before it becomes a more difficult problem to solve.

My child grinds their teeth at night. What can be done?

Most of the time this is a natural process that requires no intervention.  If it is excessive, it can lead to wear and early tooth loss that requires the help of a dental professional. Call anytime about this or talk to us at your next visit.

My jaw pops or hurts when I yawn. Can you help?

This problem is common for some people and distressing for others.  Often 2 or 3 ibuprofen (200mg) tablets every 6 hours for two or three days will allow the muscles to calm down and these symptoms to subside.  Warm heat compresses on the joint area may also be helpful.  If there is an ongoing problem or pain increases, come in to discuss and evaluate your particular situation.

I occasionally get a sharp sensation from a tooth when I am chewing.

This is often, but not always, the classic description of “cracked tooth syndrome”.  It is usually remedied by placing a crown over the tooth to make it stronger.  Ignoring the symptom can lead to the need for a root canal, which then will require a crown.  The sooner the problem is addressed, the less chance of needing a root canal or loosing the tooth. Let us know and we can help.